I love to travel both here and internationally.

My love of travel began as a child on family trips. By my teenage years I was arranging family vacations. Being from a large Italian family some of those trips were quite large and always very interesting!

My schooling was in hospitality & marketing.

My career started in the hotel business with various positions. All revolving around contact with large groups. Conferences, weddings, fundraisers & sporting events to name a few. While working in the hotel business I continued to travel and began helping co-workers with
their travel dreams. Both individual travel & large groups of friends & family.

One day after a bad week at work I thought of Confucius & the saying “choose a job you love & you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The rest is history. Since 2004 I do what I love. Part of that love is helping others build wonderful memories. Making my clients happy & fulfilling their dreams is a job I love.